19th century

The Monte Toboggans Sledges first originated in the early 19th century when they were used as first means of "downhill" public transportation by the local residents who wanted to travel quickly from the village of Monte to the city of Funchal.


Presently and for a number of years now, the Sledges are used to transport thousands of tourists every year, seeking a ride full of emotions, adrenaline and an unforgettable experience with splendid views over the city and beyond.

In Pics

A time when the baskets were used by the inhabitants as a mean of rapid transportation between Monte and the city of Funchal.


The ride starts off below the steps of the Monte Church and is the ideal complement to the ascent to Monte by cable car. Monte itself is a well-known beauty spot famous for its beautiful lush gardens and splendid views over Funchal.

This small village perched up in the hills overlooking Funchal, 6 km away from the centre of the capital, was formerly a health resort for Europe's high society.

Monte, also known as "the village of carts", is one of Funchal’s most distinctive neighbourhoods, and a “must-visit" for tourists, not only because of its history but also for its panoramic view over the bay of Funchal.


In a thrilling ride of up to 38 km per hour, this is quite a fast 2km long ride down steep and winding roads that will lead you to your finishing point, in Livramento, a suburb of Funchal. At our headquarters, you will find souvenir shops, bar, WC and social areas as well as access to taxi and bus services.